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Naming Contest! Free Phone

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had an extra phone. I am working on a skunkworks project and am a bit stumped on a good name.

Htc evo 3d gsm

So I will give the phone (I know its super nice eh!) to whoever can come up with a good name for the project.

Some background (without going too far):

The project is about delaying things until later. When I think about it I think about the “No problem car wash” in Jamaica (its where you drive your car into the river and they wash it for you).

Oh and if I pic your name (submissions must be done by 2000 GMT+2), the phone is yours!

Legal disclaimer: I am the sole judge of the contest. This contest is in no way just to get rid of my broken phone, it is for a valuable prize. I retain the rights to change the rules as I see fit or just to end the contest if I don’t like the stupid hat you are wearing, don’t fancy the cut of your jibe, or for whatever reason I may deem necessary. What I say goes. If you don’t like that don’t enter.