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Contest Winner

Htc evo 3d gsm OK so there is a winner to the naming contest (though I liked quite a few of them). My first pick would have been NowNow (a south african expression that I remember quite well, its right up there with Yes,no). However it was submitted too late and although I have the god like powers of changing the rules to the contest I will keep with what I wrote.

My second favourite was Valdemar because there is a great story behind it of the Danish king. However he turns out to be not such a savoury character when you look back at history. Then again to the victors goes the ability to write propaganda history.


The winner was one of the simplest answers “later”. This describes exactly what the little project is doing. I will hopefully finish it up pretty quickly and get a demo posted up. So the phone will go to GK. Even though the screen is cracked it still works 🙂 and it has a 3d camera that sort of works when you view pictures on the cracked 3d screen. GK, drop me a line and we will figure out how to get it to you. I can even leave some drum and bass + dub step on it for you as it makes a great music player (and with airplane mode battery life is actually pretty good)

Hopefully you guys will all get to see “later” some time next week.

Naming Contest! Free Phone

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had an extra phone. I am working on a skunkworks project and am a bit stumped on a good name.

Htc evo 3d gsm

So I will give the phone (I know its super nice eh!) to whoever can come up with a good name for the project.

Some background (without going too far):

The project is about delaying things until later. When I think about it I think about the “No problem car wash” in Jamaica (its where you drive your car into the river and they wash it for you).

Oh and if I pic your name (submissions must be done by 2000 GMT+2), the phone is yours!

Legal disclaimer: I am the sole judge of the contest. This contest is in no way just to get rid of my broken phone, it is for a valuable prize. I retain the rights to change the rules as I see fit or just to end the contest if I don’t like the stupid hat you are wearing, don’t fancy the cut of your jibe, or for whatever reason I may deem necessary. What I say goes. If you don’t like that don’t enter.

Free Phone This Week in a Contest

This week I will figure out some sort of contest for a free phone! An Android HTC Evo3d. Yeah with a 3d Camera.

Htc evo 3d gsm

No its not because I am just an awesome guy nor is it because I want to generate some super link traffic. Its actually because my girlfriend just dropped hers and broke the screen on it. So I gave her mine. Aww shucks time for a new phone. So you can look forward to getting this gem (doesn’t look quite like the other eh, looks oddly like my iPad btw another competition? but they still work :))!

Screen Shot 2012 03 03 at 3 17 49 PM