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Build Times [ctd]

All I can say is wow! I never had any idea that the problem was so prevalent in the .NET space. Over 50% of people had builds ranging over 1 minute! This is a real pain point for development teams (think about your TDD cycle). I can tell you the first thing I would be doing is ctrl+right arrow to get over to my email and twitter to start checking out what is going on. This while seeming inoculate has a major cost associated with it.

I forget what I was working on. I get a push/pop on my mental stack. I also tend to get easily distracted wait shiny thing. This cost is real and can actually be quantified through the use of monitoring software. This is actually a feature we have been looking at building into a plugin (monitoring of users flow to help measure improvements).

I would love to see some discussion on why build times has been prioritized to such a low level on teams. Is it just death march mentality? Is it a frog in a boiling pot? Is it technologies that you use that have notoriously long build times? Is your software actually decoupled into reusable bits?