Monthly Archives: July 2015

CLion review

I have been using CLion on and off for about two months now. This is just a quick review of it.

The good.

I really like it as an editor. It is quick and intuitive to get into.
If you have background with intellij/R# the learning curve is quite low.
CMake support
Does a great job picking up subtle little issues in code
Auto add includes 🙂

The bad.

With sublime as example there are so many more plugins available not so much with clion
Getting existing projects working is a PITA
It feels really weird to install the jvm so I can edit my C code

I want to expand on the last point a little. Like many tools if you start off from scratch using it everything works wonderfully. If you have though an old project and try to move it to Clion its not so simple. As an example in private eye everything is done in makefiles including a bunch of cross platform type stuff. Getting this working in CLion is non-trivial so I tended to just use it as an editor editing particular files (luckily there are only a few). This may be I am just not an advanced enough user.


Its a nice tool. I haven’t fully moved over from vim but in a new larger project I am working on I am starting with CLion and sometimes editing in vim. Ask me again in 3-6 months my opinion after I’ve become a more advanced user.