Sublime is Sublime 3

In the last post we installed sublime and learned (hopefully) some of the basic operations in it. In that setup however you still have a long way to go to being effective in sublime actually doing much of the stuff in your development process will be quite painful (try adding a file and having the joy of manually editing .prj files). In this post we are going to install a package manager and become comfortable with its basic operations. We will need it for the next few posts where we will add on some functionality to sublime.

To install the package manager browse here: there are instructions on how to install it. Select Sublime 2 copy the related python code. Go into sublime and hit ctrl+` this will open your command window. Paste the python code and hit enter the package manager will now be installed. You will need to restart sublime for this change to take effect.

Once you have restarted sublime let’s try to install a package.

hit ctrl+shift+p
type inst (it should bring you to install package) hit enter it make take a few seconds to pop up.
you should now have a list of packages
type Dayle Re and you should see this theme.
Hit enter to install the theme. You will see in the status bar the status of installing it.

If you now go to preferences->color scheme you will see the color scheme that you just installed I personally like sublime->darkside try setting it.

In this post we have installed a package manager and learned how to install a package. In the next few posts we will install some other useful packages.


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    While on subject of themes, my favorite and definitely worth checking out –

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