Krakow Class

I just finished up with the first of a new class in Krakow. Let me say, no amount of planning can replace actually getting 20 people in a room and going through the material. One major lesson came to me towards the end of the second day. The importance of interchangeable and well known schema.

See we had all gone through and implemented our document as types locally. I had realized that on the next day it would have been very cool to actually connect everyone together instead of each running separately. Just using the Event Store as a topic based pub.sub we could have had real time monitoring and then  dealt with real production type issues (food is being prepared to slowly or we need more waitresses) even just by writing projections in javascript.

We were however as mentioned unable to make this what I think would have been amazing change as each group had coded to a type and not to a shared schema. In retrospective it would be much better for us to have started with the shared document of what an order looked like.

Will be interesting to see how this plays out next time.

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