This year

I have been reflecting a lot lately especially about not wanting to teach further. Its not actually the teaching that I dislike, it is the business of teaching especially where its going. I will have a new wife and I imagine she might like a family. Its hard to travel 200 days/year.

Originally I loved teaching, it took me through my days. I loved it because I got to go to so many interesting places and meet awesome people. I still do that. I am so excited about teaching something new in krakow this week. I also love getting to see now old friends in London, Norway, France, Poland, and many other places but I want to make a bit of a change to experience more of what it used to be.

Here’s the deal. I will teach a minimum of four classes this year for no profit, I prefer not to lose money in the process but I am perfectly ok with not making any. The rules.

  • It is a must that there are highly motivated students.
  • I will not arrange lunches/venue it’s on you to organize. (McDonald’s is a valid lunch arrangement)
  • The class must allow public students (even if you are a company that wants to host/sponsor no more than 50%).
  • There cannot be more than 20ish students in any class.
  • If you can NOT attend please give your seat up as soon as possible. It would be very sad to have a waiting list of 10 people and 8 not show up.
  • Antarctica gets priority if you can make it work. Never been there.

I have my soon-to-be-wife Neringa that I need to bring with me. We expect the lowest level of economy flights (don’t you hate it when you are in london talking in-person to a consultant who might come by tomorrow morning and they say they need a first class ticket from San Fran to get there!). We refuse to stay in anything lower than a 1 star hotel. We are very picky. To be honest its a holiday for us either way and we relish that (and yes its refreshing to teach). Lunches will likely not be the most awesome ever (if you want a wonderful lunch you can always order one). We may not be in the best venue of the city again this is ok. This is all about teaching for teaching’s sake and learning for learning’s sake.

I will start by announcing the first class. I will be looking for some help from people I know out there but it will be in Kiev Ukraine in June here’s the link. If we were in Kharkiv I would imagine its quite likely the venue could end up in a bowling alley/bar/night club/grocery store/strip club/I think a police station (its all the same place!) no really you have to go to kharkiv if you don’t believe me.

If your place is not chosen its not because we hate you but because there are lots of choices espcially places that I would not otherwise go will get preference. To suggest a place you can use this survey.


  1. Posted February 4, 2013 at 10:11 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Oh and don’t put Lithuania in the survey…

  2. Francois Joly
    Posted February 5, 2013 at 1:38 pm | Permalink | Reply

    if you ever come to Montreal to teach please let me know! (or I can follow your blog and know for myself)

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