Monthly Archives: January 2013


I’m getting ready to head out to America, my longest trip in a LONG TIME! And of course bringing the fiancee.

New York will be the start (even have Broadway tickets!) will also do a class in New York the –11

I will then be out by campus in redmond for the P&P conference. I have a room rented for the thursday and friday afterwords at the university, I was thinking about doing some kind of community based thing there. Not sure what or how. I will try to think of something 🙂 Interested?

Then we will head to Austin for the week and a second class Neringa is looking forward to Austin as its the first warm place we will go.

After I think we will hit a few days of carribean or mexico or something then back to Europe.

Should be a good trip! Let me know if you want to try to grab a coffee on the way and hopefully we can make it work