Monthly Archives: November 2012

Sharing in process writings?

I have been writing up some material that was a quick essay but became a bit longer. The essay I have preliminary named “Execute” and its all about teams that have a hard time executing and strategies for making them better.

What would be a good way of sharing it? I was thinking about putting it just in a public github. The problem with a public github is that I would want people to be able to leave comments etc.

One thing I was considering was keeping it in markdown then allowing people to put //comments after paragraphs (would be ignored). I guess the comments system could be used.

Anyone have any better ideas on how to get it setup so other people can easily share/collaborate on it?

Lithuania, Friday

We have a few more places in Vilnius Friday for but looks like it will sell out! Great!

Theme is all about actually building stuff, no theory allowed.

Can’t wait for everyone to arrive to show them around Vilnius a bit.