Security Trends

When looking at systems and large scale preferences how much does malware, virus, and overall bad people trying to take advantage of others have to do with overall acceptance?

Yes I was going to write virii but after a quick search I found out that its actually wrong. Interesting

A friend of mine (non-technical) is getting rid of his mac. He is finding malware. One of the main benefits he found in having a mac was not getting a lot of malware where as windows was getting quite a bit.

Then I look at many windows users who are leaving Facebook because of all the malware problems. I think back to other social media and how people left because of spam/malware.

Is becoming popular basically the demise for these types of systems? Is there an overall acceptance/rejection curve? It takes a period of time for the attackers to target a given area (and they wait for critical mass). Once critical mass is attained they begin attacking and take a while to catch up. Once caught up though they will always stay ahead. Forcing constant trade offs between security and usability.

Oh well I will stay with linux.

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