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Some people have asked that I drop up some occasional posts about places I go. I will only post them here not to code better.

Last week we went to Nepal for a quick vacation. It is gorgeous, I highly recommend visiting. We went Kathmandu->Chitwan->bhaktapur. We are definitely going back.

Nepal is definitely a third world country. I would recommend being a very experienced traveller if you intend to go “on the cheap” the way that we did (staying at guest houses, no real plans etc) but its quite worth it if you can get handle the not so good parts like no hot water, electricity being out for better parts of most days, seeing abject poverty.

So now, on with pictures! The first is Boudhanath in Kathmandu. This is an amazing landmark and worth visiting. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site as well.

In Chitwan you can take a safari on the back of an elephant.


You can also take a bath with the elephant after your safari


Cows are a pretty common site in Nepal.


Lots of breathtaking scenery (this is just off the road between Kathmandu and Chitwan).


Beautiful sunsets


Amazing architecture (this is the main square in Bhaktapur)


You might even find a bit of interesting vegetation on the side of the road.


Again the infrastructure is not the best.


But this place is so worth going to.

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